ReMe: Reminder Service. ReMe automatically keeps track of your expiring food items

ReMe Basket Does Everything

Just add the food item to ReMe Basket and ReMe automatically keeps track of the expiry or use-by date of each item. When the food item is close to its expiry date, ReMe basket reminds you of that. It is that easy to keep track of your food items now, so that you never waste food again.

ReMe: Inteli-Text-Read: Too lazy to type in the food item?! ReMe Basket got it covered!


ReMe Basket makes it easier for you to input the food item in your basket with its latest cutting-edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition), so that you don’t have an excuse to not put the food item in your basket for ReMe to keep track of.

ReMe: Smart-Barcode-Scan: Another convenient way to input the food item in the basket


You can also use your smart-phone’s camera to scan barcode labels (although this feature is in Beta version and scanning barcodes is limited to few major food brands world-wide. Recognisable brands are only limited to US/UK/France). We are working very hard to improve this feature and make the barcode scanning available for all food brands/items on Earth.

ReMe: Smart-Recipe-Search: Why bin food when you can make amazing dishes with it?


If you are not sure what to do with your food items if in excess, then ReMe also suggests you recipes based on those items, so that you never have to bin any item without use and get the opportunity to show off your cooking skills. ReMe cares that much about you and your food items. (This feature is offered in partnership with edamam.com)