What is ReMe Basket?

Have you ever bought food, stored them in the fridge and forget to eat or use them, only to find out that they have expired?
Fear not, ReMe Basket is here to remind you of your expiring or expired items, so that you never waste them again.
Simply type the name of the item, add the expire date and its added to your ReMe basket. Whenever any item is about to expire, ReMe reminds you of it and never goes to waste again. And to make things easy for you, you can either voice in (Google Voice Input) or scan in the food label (Optical Character Recognition) using your phone camera, instead of keying in the item name yourself. Yes, it is that easy to use and ReMe is that intelligent.
In case, you can’t use or eat your expiring edibles, you can always share them with our friends directly through ReMe using the SHARE.IT option.

How to Use ReMe Basket?

Just choose the food item, which you believe that you may forget to consume within time,  and type in the name on ReMe.


Choose the Expiry Date of the food item.expirydate

The item will appear on the Basket……..list

You can also use Google Voice input (if it is setup on your key input).


or you can also use ReMe: Inteli-Text-Read feature


ReMe has inbuilt capabilities to read in the labels, so that you don’t have to do the hard work of typing in the item names.

ReMe: Inteli-Text-Read Feature in Action

What’s My Goal With This App?

Whenever, a food is about to expire, ReMe Basket will remind you about it. The Reminder Label of ReMe Basket will turn RED. Your goal with this app is to not let the label become RED and consume the expiring food items as soon as possible. Once. you have consumed or used the expiring item, just remove them from the ReMe Basket and the label will turn to GREEN again. As simple as that. And anyway, who wants to see RED flags in their life, isn’t GREEN a better and peaceful colour?!

But remember, the expiry date on the food item doesn’t always mean that the food is not safe to consume after the specified date. The expiry date or the use-by date is just there to remind you that the food item might not have it’s pristine quality after the specified date. So, always have a look at the food item before throwing them into the bin. You may be still able to consume the food items and save the valuable money you have spent in the first place to buy those items.